Irish Baby Names 2018

Irish Baby Names 2018

Irish baby names only continue to get more popular in the US, with Liam, an Irish short form of William, at Number 2 on the boys’ list, all forms of Aiden continuing to be widely-used, and surname-names Riley and Kennedy popular for girls.

Other new Irish names increasing in style and popularity include Finn and Declan on the boys’ side, Maeve and Saoirse for girls, and Finley and Quinn among the most popular unisex baby names.

But what is the next wave of Irish baby names prime to emigrate beyond their Emerald Isle? What new names can you use, whether you’re looking to honor your Irish heritage or simply love the sound of Irish names? Luckily, the supply of fresh and appealing Irish names seems never-ending.

Here, the new crop of Irish baby names to consider in 2018.

Irish Names for Girls

  • Bride

  • Eavan

  • Edana

  • Eilis

  • Emer

  • Etain

  • Fia

  • Grania

  • Ita

  • Keela

  • Morrigan

  • Niamh

  • Orla

  • Roisin

  • Talullah

  • Irish Names for Boys

  • Bard

  • Breccan

  • Cashel

  • Cian

  • Colm

  • Cormac

  • Eamon

  • Finnian

  • Gulliver

  • Keir

  • Kieran

  • Lorcan

  • Maguire

  • Malachy

  • McCoy

  • Oisin

  • Phelan

  • Rafferty

  • Ultan

  • Unisex Irish Names

  • Arlen

  • Blaine

  • Brennan

  • Clancy

  • Connelly

  • Corin

  • Curran

  • Darby

  • Fallon

  • Flannery

  • Lennon

  • Madigan

  • Rooney

  • Rory

  • Shay

  • Shea

  • Tiernan

  • Torin


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