Iconic Movie Character Names: Ladies First

July 10, 2014 Linda Rosenkrantz

Some movie characters have a long afterlife, remembered way beyond their release dates, their names firmly attached to the actor who inhabited the role. In our collective memory, for instance, Judy Garland will always be Dorothy and Diane Keaton forever Annie Hall. Here’s a look at just a few of these iconic characters—and whether or not their names had any impact on naming.  Might one be right for your new baby girl?


Woody Allen’s 1977 hit movie Annie Hall starred Diane Keaton as the quirky Annie. (Hall being Keaton’s real last name), winning her a Best Actress award. Annie has been one of the all-time most popular nickname names for girls, but Annie Hall gave it an injection of style. Still adorable, but no longer one of the freshest choices on the list.


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