How I Named My Baby: Colibrí Meraki

How I Named My Baby: Colibrí Meraki

Lyjah Simms, a retired Master Dog Groomer turned Stay-at-Home-Mom, and Davante Simms, who works for ComEd, live in New York City with their three children: Tristan Isaiah, Nairobi Dream, and Colibrí Meraki.

Their daughter Colibrí was born on December 21, 2021. Below, we chat with Lyjah about how she and Davante named their little girl.

Tell me Colibrí’s name story!

I had a tough childhood living in New York. The little joys always stuck with me because those moments were so rare.

One day in high school, it was raining on my transfer from the train to the bus. I walked into a Walgreens near the bus stop and killed time reading Hallmark cards. I saw this beautiful hummingbird card and inside it said, “Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning, and laughter is life’s sweetest creation.” That has stuck with me my entire life. It’s what I always wanted — joy, love, laughter, and happiness.

When I was pregnant with my middle child, Nairobi, we already knew her name. Davante and I were watching an episode of The Good Doctor where a French mom had a nickname for her son, Colibrí (cah-LEE-bree). She had a little hummingbird tattooed on her ankle, and I thought it was so pretty. I was always doodling hummingbirds growing up, so it just clicked. Boy or girl, I knew my next child would be Colibrí.

How did you choose Meraki?

The makeup influencer Hank & Henry has the word “meraki” (mer-AH-kee) tattooed above his eyebrow. It’s a Greek word that means “to do something with love, creativity, and soul”. If I do something, I put my whole soul into it. I hope my kids do that too when they grow up — I want all of my kids to exude everything about their names.

Davante wasn’t totally sure about Meraki at first, so we did have a backup. She was born the week of Christmas, so we thought about Noelle. But once she was born, Davante said he was in love with Meraki.

How did naming Colibrí compare to naming your other children?

With Tristan, I didn’t know I was pregnant until a week before his birth. While I was in the hospital, the movie Tristan & Isolde came on. I fell in love with the name Tristan. His middle name, Isaiah, is the prophet of salvation. I felt like he came into my life to save me.

Tristan Isaiah came when I needed saving. Nairobi Dream was the dream that life could be better. Colibrí Meraki is the joy that completes it.

How do you feel about your own name, and how did that influence your choice?

Growing up was so hard because nobody knows how to pronounce my name! People call me Elijah, Lydia, and Liza. Even so, I always loved my name because it was different. I wanted my kids to have unique names too.

What are the trendy names in your social circle?

There are a few Sydneys around, and Liams. One of my girlfriend’s just had a baby and named him Hunter. Pretty common names are around too, like Chris and Michael.

Did you have any fears related to baby names?

I was a little worried people might say, “Colibrí is so different, why are you so extra?” But at the end of the day, I don’t care if it’s extra!

How would you describe your style beyond baby names?

As far as fashion, I like simple, lowkey, and chill clothes. But for the kids, their clothes have to be bright, and the girls have bows and accessories. They always match!

I try to keep our house very minimal since we live in New York, but I love to do all things arts and crafts with my kids. We are always coloring and painting.

How did you decorate Colibrí’s space?

I’m not done with her section of the room. I’m looking for a hummingbird mural for her, but I haven’t fallen in love with anything yet. Nairobi Dream has her clouds, Tristan has a space mural. Right now, Coco has a mobile with birds on it.

Did you pass down anything special to Colibrí?

I have a recipe book with everyone’s favorite recipes. Whatever Coco likes in the future, I will add it into the book, which will get passed down to all three of them.

Did you do anything special for yourself while you were pregnant?

I took a lot of baths. I stuck a little care package with snacks and bath bombs on the side! It was calm vibes the entire pregnancy.

I also did a maternity photoshoot while I was pregnant. The photos are in a memory box now. I hadn’t done that before — Nairobi was born at the beginning of COVID, and Tristan was a surprise. I took full advantage of this pregnancy.

Lyjah's (and Colibrí's) Favorite Things

Mamaroo bassinet

"We haven't had a sleepless night with Coco yet."

Baby Brezza formula mixer

"It's a godsend in the middle of the night."

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

"It's great when I need to put her down for a minute."

Mockingbird double stroller

"Definitely an item I can't live without!"

Activity Center

"Colibrí loves this!"

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Thank you so much, Lyjah!

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