Guilty Pleasure Spellings: What’s yours?

You know, you know, it’s Nameberry heresy.  But you just can’t help it.

You like Jayne better than Jane.  Prefer Aiden to Aidan, Katelyn to Caitlin.

We were tickled when we saw the forum started by Chrisco called Guilty Pleasure Spellings.  You know, those less-than-conventional spellings you prefer to the more classic versions.

We’re not talking about Steven over Stephen or Anne as opposed to Ann: Those are both correct and long-accepted.

But the much-maligned kree8tiv spellings that you know may be tacky or twisted, but dang it: You love it anyway.

I, for instance, love the Irish name Siobhan, but I can’t help loving the phonetically straightforward Shevonne even more, maybe because it embraces its own luscious sound.

What’s your Guilty Pleasure Spelling, and why?

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