Fresh Berry Names of April: Amity Sky to Zeke Iron

May 7, 2018 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Primrose, Magnolia, Lilith, Hawthorne, Eben, Zeke Iron. And sibsets Juniper Rae and Indigo Rue, and Callum Rogers, Waverly Ren and Morwenna Jubilee. What’s this? Just another glorious month in the land of berrybaby and April baby names.

Here’s the full list of forum postings for April, including girl twins Rowan Violet and Indie Lola


Amity Sky, sister of Maverick Roran, Roux Caspian and Byron Alby

Catriona Primrose Saoirse Jane, sister of Atticus

“We preferred and decided on the phonetic pronunciation for Catriona. Though the primary pronunciation is Cat-ree-na, we found enough sources citing a phonetic pronunciation, and we felt comfortable with this choice. We chose Primrose since we wanted a floral name, and she was born so early in March. Saoirse was my husband’s holdout, and he wouldn’t budge! He loves the sound, meaning and history of the name. Jane (or versions of Jane) have been used for the last five generations of women on my side. Even though it’s a rather large moniker for a dainty little lass, we hope she appreciates her elaborate name one day.”

Diana Ruby, sister of Lydia Belle and Jenica Rose

Diana wasn’t even on our radar with the previous two girls but it just felt right this time around when I read it on someone else’s list.”

Helena Esther Elisabeth, sister of Emmeline Jean Ann (Millie) and Tobias James Anthony (Toby)

“We call her Nell and Lina. There was a lot of deliberation, but we decided on Helena (Helen-a) in the end because the nicknames are so sweet. Also, our good friend Eleanor (nicknamed Nell) was just diagnosed with cancer, so it honors her through the nickname. Each kid has a HP first name, more HP middle name and a family 2nd middle name.”

Indie Lola, twin of Rowan Violet

Juliana Skye, sister of Finley Andrew

“I chose the name Juliana because it has so many nickname options, but it still sounds classy and can be formal…Overall, Jules is settling in nicely (though her brother Finley is a bit upset that we didn’t name baby sister “Quesadilla”, as he highly anticipated.”

Juniper Rae, sister of Carter Jack and Indigo Rue

“We had planned on Juno as her nickname but I think Juni may stick more plus it goes with her sister nickname Indi.”

Lilith Wren

“We picked Lilith as we liked the sound and as a slightly feminist option as in religious dogma Lilith was Adam’s first wife, created equal and refused to obey him. Wren is to honour my grandmother who passed away a few months ago. Her name was Mavis which means “songbird” so we picked a word name in her honour.”

Magnolia Noor Halley

“We chose Magnolia in honor of New Orleans—a city both DH and I love and the place where we met…the nickname Maggie was what really made us love Magnolia more than any other name. I was a little worried that Noor might come across as very Muslim/Middle Eastern (we are neither) but in the end my love for the name won …We figured that every name that has been borrowed from another culture was unusual at some point but it didn’t stop those names from becoming “normal” in our culture. Halley honors DH’s mother and I love the connection to astronomy.”

Marilise Angelique Lily Marie

“”After long days and months debating and considering names and combinations we finally decided on a last minute suggestion my husband had on our way to the hospital.”

Olive Hermione Florence

“I had decided that I wanted to use Hermione as I love the name itself, and being a big HP fan, loved it for that reason, but knew there was no chance of us ever using it as a first name. Florence is just a name we both liked that doesn’t really work with our surname, and we planned on two middles, so there we go. I don’t believe it’s the perfect name in terms of flow etc, but it’s the perfect name for my daughter.”

Penelope May, sister of Grace, Havilah, Grant, Arielle, Beatrice, Timothy, Bridget and William

Rowan Violet, twin of Indie Lola

Violet Paulina

“We were really leaning towards Mira and Poppy, but once we saw her she was absolutely a Violet!”



Beckett Hawthorne, brother of Linden Avery

“We went for a nature-themed sib set: our Linden Tree now has a Beckett Bee (Beckett means bee’s cottage). Hawthorne also brings nature to the name and is in honor of my parents as it is the name of the street I grew up on.

Callum Rogers, brother of Haddon Rory, Gideon James, Waverly Ren and Morwenna Jubilee.

Eben Jacob, brother of Eli Michael, Ezra Matthew and Emmeline Kaye

Eben is a name my husband and I have come across years ago and have loved ever since. While still pregnant with Eli, we joked about someday having three boys named Eli, Ezra and Eben. And here we are! (The fact that we also have our sweet little Emme makes it absolutely perfect.)

Hugo Alexander John, brother of Violet Elizabeth Rose

“We chose Hugo at my husband’s suggestion as he liked the name…which was pretty much the only name on my list he did like…His paternal grandmother is 95 and has seven great granddaughters. In fact, our Hugo is the first boy born into the family in over 35 years and their only chance of carrying on the family name so they’re all very excited as you can imagine!   We had a harder time deciding on the first middle name, but ultimately settled on Alexander because of its strong meaning (“defender of men”). It’s a warrior name and so is he!”

Linden Archer Campbell, brother of Rose Elspeth and Iris Annabel

“We picked Linden as it’s a botanical name like both his sisters’ first names….We chose Campbell because it honours our Scottish heritage.”

Noah Bentlee James, brother of Cadence Alexandra Elizabeth and Clarissa Marie.

“We changed the spelling of Bentley to honor my husband’s dad whose middle name was Lee.”

Zeke Iron, brother of Eve Ember and Viggo River

“I love the strength of his name…my husband got to choose the middle name, and he went for another natural element like the middles of our other two kids.

What’s your favorite name, first-middle combo and sibset?


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