February Babyberry Announcements: Lachlan, Lennox & Luca


By Linda Rosenkrantz

February—a short month, so not as quite as many great babyberry announcements as usual, but what they lack in number they make up for in their full share of originality and charm, including first names, first and middle combos and sibsets.

There are two sets of all-boy twins this month:

Nicholas Rafferty & Theodore Solomon (aka Cole & Theo)

Dashiell Colm & Sterling Joel

And a preponderance of stylish L-starting boys: Lachlan, Lennox, Léo and Luca

Among the girls, Claire is clearly becoming a popular middle-name choice, as in Annabelle Claire and Sylvie Claire

Here, the full list of February baby names reported by our Berries:


Alba Florence, sister of Phoebe

“We received so many helpful responses about renaming our daughter Florence Theodora…(she) is now called Alba Florence)…I read The Time Traveler’s Wife a few years ago.. A few nights ago I watched the film…and I was struck by the name. This coincided with a Berry suggesting the name..Not to mention Albus Dumbledore—one of my all time literary heroes. The Harry Potter connection doesn’t put me off one bit, being that I grew up with the books as my escapism. And of course, the meaning of ‘dawn’ in Spanish conjures a gentle sense of hope and optimism—the start of a new day. Finally, its ties to Great Britain through… Albion being the name of England. As a somewhat displaced English woman living in Australia, this feels like a nice subtle connection to my homeland.”

Alice Rhiannon, sister of Julia Aysen

Annabelle Claire, sister of Elizabeth Rae

Darcy Delilah, sister of Morgan Michael Farrokh

EmmaRose Clementine, sister of Olivia Grace, Vivian Pearl, Georgia Mae, JohnMichael, Hamilton Stuart, Abram Samuel, Gideon Everett and Calvin

“We both love the southern style of double first names and it just fit her. Clementine honors my grandfather, Clemens.”

Jacinta Francine

“Her first name is one we love and her mn is to honor my grandfather, Frank. We plan to enunciate the “J” in Jacinta with full force and not the “h” or “huh” sound. My husband has been so thrilled since her birth..has actually been singing her name. Her nn will be Jaycee.”

Maia June, sister of Elin Rosa

Sylvie Claire, sister of Cordelia June and Eloise Pearl


Corwin Matthias Milton

Dashiell Joel, twin of Sterling Joel and brother of Senna Elizabeth and Tobias Everett

Desmond Marshall James, brother of Callum, Alexander, Penelope, Easton, Magnolia and Scarlett

Kenneth Foxen Alford

“He is named after my father.”

Lachlan Errol Justin, brother of Avalon Rose Louise

“It’s a name that reminds me of lakes and forests and my husband whose career is devoted to the outdoors..Errol is my dad and brother’s middle name. Justin is my brother-in-law’s name who was a Marine and gave his life in Iraq. It was very important for my husband to honor his brother.”

Lennox Santiago

Léo Bastien, brother of Adèle Josephine

Luca Scott

Nestor Grant, brother of Cleo Danica and Misha Oliver

Nicholas Rafferty, twin of Theodore Solomon

“When the doctor announced Baby A was a boy, I knew he was a Theo. When I saw him for the first time, that just settled it. Baby B was born and boy oh boy, did we get a surprise—another boy! We had been expecting (and prepared for!) a little girl, but we are so happy that we have two healthy and happy sons…who we will call Theo and Cole.”

Quade Huxley, brother of Flynn, Tate and Rafferty

“…We thought it quite appropriate with Quade meaning fourth born!”

Sterling Joel, twin of Dashiell Colm and brother of Senna Elizabeth and Tobias Everett

Theodore Solomon, twin of Nicholas Rafferty

Which names/combos/sibsets stand out for you this month?

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