February Baby Names Announcements: 4 pairs of twins!

February Baby Names Announcements: 4 pairs of twins!

Yes, four—count ‘em, four!—sets of twinberries born in the short month of February! That means beautiful twin names for two girl pairs and two girl/boys:

Eloise Briar and Harriet Marvel

Tess Evangeline and Lila Skye

Mariah Calypso and Paz Efraim

Nora Elizabeth and Everett William

The one name chosen twice is the growing in popularity Eloise.

Also of note, some outstanding middles (in addition to those mentioned above)—Breeze, Clover and Matisse—all for girls.

Here’s the complete list of February baby names chosen by Berries, with their often compelling backstories.


Anniston Izetta, sister of Karrigan Leigh and Sinclaire Grace

Anniston fit our surname trend and gave way to my favorite nickname Annie. Izetta is the first name of my husband’s grandma who passed away just before we conceived and whose house on the family farm we live in now.”

Aurelia Soleil

“We chose her name simply because we loved the combination, and like that it essentially means “golden sun,”

Eloise Briar, twin of Harriet Marvel and sister of Julian Archer.

Eloise Scarlett, sister of Isabelle Annaree and William Andrew

Evangeline Mabel Wren, sister of Tess McKayla Sydney, Kaia Felicity Pearl, Jasper Silas Robert and Jude River Raymond

Evangeline is pronounced with a –lynn ending, homage to my grandmother Evelyn whom I was very close to. Mabel means “lovable.” We dug it up from my father’s family tree when he passed away this fall. Wren is for me, that’s my name. Though she has many lovely names with significance, she is known as Evie, a name all her own.”

Eve Rosalind, sister of Theo

Francine Marguerite

Georgia Violet, sister of Vivienne Rose

Naming Georgia took months for me—every response to a post or poll helped me process my thoughts from various perspectives to get to the grateful name place I did. She is not a Margaret or Esme or Emmeline or Cressida. She’s such a peach, and we couldn’t be more over the moon with choosing Georgia.”

Hadley Estelle

Harriet Marvel, twin of Eloise Briar and sister of Julian Archer

“Nicknames are Ella and Hattie.”

Iona Ivy

Kamea Breeze, sister of North Benjamin and Hawk Wilder

“Kamea (Kah-may-ah) is a name that pays tribute to my Hawaiian roots..In Hawaiian, Kamea means “The one and only,” but she will mostly be known by the nickname North gave her, Kiki.”

Lila Skye, twin of Tess Evangeline and sister of Nora Blair, Iris Ophelia and Hugo Jasper

Marah Calypso, twin of Paz Efraim

“The names are meaningful to us in several different ways: Paz for its mutual intelligibility in our respective ancestral languages—me Arabic, her Spanish, both Hebrew—and after Raquel’s grandfather Pablo, Efraim for is Jewish connection and for its lovely meaning (“fruitful, fertile”) which paid homage to our incredible difficulties becoming pregnant, Marah to honor my late mother, and finally Calypso as a nod to Raquel’s family’s musical heritage.”

Mary Eloise, sister of Henry Hiram and Joseph Magnus

“After a lot of deliberation, we settled on a name with the help of Abby the Name Sage!  Mary because we try to give our children a scriptural character in each of their names, and Eloise just because we liked the name and thought it added some spunk to Mary…We have received some negative comments about having a Joseph and a Mary, but our little boy usually goes by his initials JM…which has evolved into the nickname JEM.”

Nora Elizabeth, twin of Everett William and sister of Theodore Jack

Romilly Clover, sister of Greta Josephine

“…her middle name represents how lucky we are to have her.”

Seren Winter Rose, sister of Ezra Vesper Luz, Viggo Madsen North and Israel Jupiter Rune

Tess Evangeline, twin of Lila Skye and sister of Nora Blair, Iris Ophelia and Hugo Jasper

VeronicaVeraSeraphine, sister of William Balthazar and Catherine Ophelia

I’ve always loved the name Veronica, which I actually chose as my confirmation name due to my admiration of the saint’s compassion, and luckily my husband really liked it, too. As for Seraphine, like our other daughter’s middle name Ophelia, I think Seraphina is one of the most gorgeous names in the world, but we preferred the way the French Seraphine sounded with Veronica. I also enjoy the fact that the combo could be loosely translated to mean “true image of an angel,” which certainly matches her description!”

Violet Matisse, sister of Evelyn Willow


Dawson Tucker

Emrys Alistair, brother of Terra Gwendolyn

“I had Emrys picked out before I was even pregnant. I knew if I ever had a boy that would be the name..I most likely came about it from watching Merlin.”

Everett William, twin of Nora Elizabeth and brother of Theodore Jack

Ian James, brother of Jadyn, Brooke, Evelyn and Garrett

Jasper Silas, brother of Alistair Jude

Nikolas Erasmeio, brother of Matteo Alexander

“We decided on Nikolas quite early on, but had trouble deciding between spellings (Nicolaas/Nikolaos/Nikolas). I originally wanted to use a Dutch middle name, as our children are of Dutch/Italian/Greek origin. Needless to say, the Greek part of the family is quite happy with his name.”

Paz Efraim, twin of Marah Calypso

Ronan Theodore, brother of Adair Benjamin, Micah Elliott and Lucia Genevieve

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