Cyrus, Cosette and Marigold: This week’s Nameberry 9

Cyrus, Cosette and Marigold: This week’s Nameberry 9

In this turned-around pre-holiday week, Appellation Mountain‘s Abby Sandel offers her baby name wish list, as well as her picks of the newsiest Nameberry 9 names.

With the holidays in full swing, I thought it was time for a wish list.

I’d love to magically know how to pronounce every child’s name at first glance.

A crystal ball to find out which noun names will wear well, and which just plain won’t work.  Or, alternately, a detailed explanation as to why Pilot and Apple still seem outrageous while Chase and Genesis are mainstream.

A trip to the most fashionable of playgrounds in Paris and the ability to speak fluent French in order to grill expectant mamans about their favorite baby names.  Cosette probably isn’t one of them … but in Pittsburgh or Pensacola, I think she could be a smash.  Or wait, maybe I’ll visit Toronto, because their list is just different enough from the US to pique my curiosity.

A promise that there will be a bunch of fabulously named starbabies every week … never mind, Santa – we have Claire Danes!

The nine baby names that inspired my wish list are also this week’s nine most newsworthy appellations:

Calin – Television veteran Samaire Armstrong is a new mom.  She welcomed son Calin a few days ago.  But t riddle me this: does Calin sound like Caylen, Colin, or Calvin without the v?

KevanThe Children’s Place announced this year’s PlaceKids modeling contest winners, and they’re adorable.  My eye went immediately to Kevan’s beaming smile.  But then I found myself repeating the same questions: does Kevan sound like Kevin andDevon, or is it more like Steven?  Or is the emphasis on the second syllable?  Hmmm …

Marigold – A sneak preview of 1600 Penn revealed the name of the newest fictional First Family.  President Dale Gilchrist, wife Emily, and kids Skip, Becca, Marigold, and Xander.  Yes, First Daughter Marigold.  It’s a great name, as botanical as Lily, nearly as substantial as Margaret.

Peace – A Swistle reader asked about Peace as a girl’s name.  The comments are mixed, with many suggesting Paz and Pax as alternatives.  A commenter named Peace suggested Peaceful as a possibility.  But is Peace all that different from Faith, Hope, and Grace?

Cosette – The newest big screen adaptation of Les Misérables debuts on December 25 in the US, and the name to watch has to be Cosette.  She’s played by Amanda Seyfried, with Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean and Anne Hathaway as FantineNancy points out that Cosette’s origins are uncertain, but she may be based on chose, the French word for thing.

OliviaOntario announced their most popular names for the year 2012, and Olivia took the top spot for girls.  She’s also the name of the current MissUSA, who won the Miss Universe title this week.  Olivia has held the #1 position since 2008.  In theUS, Olivia has been in Top Ten since 2000, but has never made it higher than #3 and is currently #4.

Liam – Ontarians are mad about Liam.  He knocked Ethan out of the #1 slot this year, becoming the most popular boys’ name in the province.  William is just a few paces behind, at #8.  Liam’s been leaping up the rankings in theUS, too, from #30 to #15 in 2011.  Could he make the US Top Ten this year?

William LucaJames Marsden welcomed a third child this week.  He’s already dad to Mary James and Jack Holden with ex-wife Lisa Linde.  William Luca is James’ new son with Brazilian model Rose Costa.  I like the pattern of classic firsts with interesting middles.

Cyrus Michael Christopher – This week’s real treat was the birth announcement from actors Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy.  We’ve been watching Danes for decades, from My So Called Life to Juliet in Baz Luhrman’s Shakespearean production to HomelandCyrus is an ancient choice, and a stylish one, too.  Michael is one of dad’s middle names; Christopher comes from his maternal grandfather.

Do you think Marigold and Cosette will be big for girls?  Could Liam move into the US Top Ten?  And what’s on your baby name wish list?

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