CONTEST: Guess the Newest Names on the List

May 4, 2017 Abby Sandel

By Abby Sandel

In just one more week, the US Social Security Administration will release the new Top 1000 list of popular baby names of 2016. It’s Mardi Gras meets the Super Bowl for name lovers, and we’ve all got our ideas about what the data will bring.

We’ve already shared some guesses about names to watch. Now it’s your turn: what will be the biggest debuts (or returns) to the charts?

Every year, around 90 of the names in the official Top 1000 weren’t there the year before. In some cases, they’re comebacks. Louisa and Frankie, Cordelia and Marjorie have all returned to the rankings after long absences for girls over the last few years. On the boys’ side, we’ve welcomed back Otis and Clyde, Louie and Gordon.

But for every retro revival, there are plenty of brand new names. And it’s often the brand new names that garner all the attention. They’re nearly always driven by the pop culture headlines of the previous year.

Still, it’s not always easy to guess which name will leap from obscurity to a high place on the charts.

That’s where you come in!

This year, we’re awarding prizes to the berries who pick the highest debuting boy or girl name. Each reader can guess one of each; the first correct comment for each gender wins.

The prize? Bragging rights, of course. But you’ll also choose between a private name consult with Nameberry’s Name Sage, or any one of the baby name books from our online store.

For reference, here are the highest debuting baby names from the last ten years. From movies to music to reality TV, there are some powerful pop culture influences driving these names.

2006: Krish (Number 633) and Rihanna (Number 529)

2007: Madden (Number 803) and Miley (Number 278)

2008: Aaden (Number 342) and Allisson (Number 420)

2009: Kellan (Number 622) and Analia (Number 331)

2010: Channing (Number 645) and Tenley (Number 459)

2011: Raylan (Number 699) and Bryn (Number 743)

2012: Neymar (Number 702) and Cataleya (Number 478)

2013: Jayceon (Number 207) and Daleyza (Number 586)

2014: Bode (Number 783) and Montserrat (Number 592)

2015: Canaan (Number 806) and Adaline (Number 364)

Now it’s your turn … what do you think will join the list in 2016?

The contest will remain open until Thursday, May 11th at midnight. One boy name and one girl name guess per berry, please! Winners will be announced the week of May 15th.

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