Heartmon-seh-RAHT (first t is silent)
"serrated mountain"

Montserrat Origin and Meaning

The name Montserrat is a girl's name meaning "serrated mountain".
Montserrat is a Catalan name meaning ‘serrated mountain’. That may not be the most appealing meaning, but the exceptional beauty of the Montserrat mountain range near Barcelona, Spain might change your mind. Montserrat is, unsurprisingly, most common among the Spanish community.

Montserrat is also one of the claimed homes of the Holy Grail according to Arthurian legends.

Montserrat (with the first t) is the official spelling, but the variant Monserrat, which better aligns with the name’s pronunciation, is also seen in the Top 1000.”
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Famous People Named Montserrat

  • Montserrat LombardEnglish actress
  • (María de) Montserrat Viviana Concepción Caballé i FolchSpanish operatic soprano
  • Montserrat OliverMexican model and actress
  • Montserrat Abelló i SolerSpanish Catalan poet
  • Montserrat FiguerasSpanish operatic soprano
  • Montserrat RoigSpanish novelist
  • Montserrat CarullaSpanish actress

Montserrat in Pop Culture

  • Montserrat is a Caribbean island and British overseas territory.
  • In 1979Beatles producer George Martin opened AIR Studios Montserrat, and the island attracted world,famous musicians who came to record in the quiet and lush tropical surroundings of Montserrat.

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