Celebrity Baby Names Q+A: Elsie Larson

by Sophie Kihm

Blogger Elsie Larson and musician Jeremy Larson are parents to Nova Winter and are adopting Marigold JuneGoldie” in a matter of weeks! We talked with Elsie about naming her daughters and the all of the names they considered throughout the process.

How did you choose your children’s names?

We chose Nova‘s name with special meaning because the day we decided to adopt here was a lunar eclipse. So we knew we wanted a powerful celestial name that was still unique.

For Marigold‘s name we wanted to break the theme and choose something earthy from nature. Rosemary was our other main contender.

How difficult was it to decide on a name for each of them?

Pretty difficult. I got hung up on wanted to find name none of my friends had used, and since I’m a blogger with a lot of mom friends that was maybe an unnecessary hang up.

At what point during the adoption did you begin to think about baby names? How about the second adoption?

Right away. Throughout both adoptions I kept a list on my phone in my notes of every name we even kind of liked.

How long did it take you to decide on Nova and Marigold‘s names?

After we got matched and had seen their photos it took us about two weeks each to come up with a name and commit to it.

How did you know you found “the name” for each of your children?

We just picked them names we both loved. Adoption is so different from child birth because we kind of need to choose it in advance before meeting them (for paperwork). You could probably change your mind but it would mean way more paperwork. But I definitely believe people grow into their names!

What are the most important factors to you when it comes to choosing a baby name?

For us, a unique name was very important and for our second daughter we wanted a name that went with our oldest daughters name, but also had some contrast.

What qualities were you looking for in a name for the girls?

I love strong and unique names. Many beautiful names are “ruined” for me simply because they’re too commonly used.

How was the process of naming Marigold different from naming Nova?

It was different because we wanted it to sound good with Nova, but also stand on its own. The internet wanted us to call her Luna, which is so pretty, but it’s too popular for me to use. I wanted something kind of weird. Marigold is definitely unique in that way- sometimes when people say it back to us it’s like they’ve never heard the word before… it’s so funny.

Are there any names you didn’t use for Nova that you considered for Marigold?

Rosemary, Beatrice and Lux

Do you and your partner agree on names and if not, how do you resolve your difference?

We waited until we found names we both felt 100% about. I kept saying, “we only need one” haha

Do you think it’s easier naming a first baby or a second?

The first was easier for sure!

I felt more pressure for the second name because I wanted it to be as unique and beautiful and strong as Nova, which is a tall order.

What do you know about baby naming now that you didn’t the first time around?

I know that no matter what name we chose she will grow into it so quickly- it just happens!

Do you believe in the idea of sibset naming—that your children’s names should go together—or do you consider each name an independent project?

I can go either way, but I liked each name being strong on its own. And just in case we adopt more kids in the future we don’t have a theme to follow now.

What names do you love but, for whatever reason, can’t use?

I love the names Poesy, Isla and Iris and Etta– but people we are close to have used them so we felt they were already taken.

What are the cool names among your friends and fellow parents, and how do you fit into that style?

My grandmother is named Corina and we love that name and Jeremy‘s grandmother was Beatrice, so we considered that.

I also loved the name Hunter for a girl.

Elsie Larson is the founder and creative director of the lifestyle blog A Beautiful MessJeremy Larson is the creator of Violents. They live in Nashville with their daughter Nova and will soon be adopting their second daughter, Goldie.

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