Celebrity Baby Names: From Angelo to Kick

Celebrity Baby Names: From Angelo to Kick

In the Nameberry 9 this week, Appellation Mountain‘s Abby Sandel touches on several bases–celebrity baby names, when to reveal a name, and elements of style.

A pair of chart-topping singers dominated the baby name news with their name announcements this week.

Shakira issued a good old fashioned birth announcement.

Adele did things differently. She’s kept mum about her new baby boy’s name since his October 2012 arrival, until she was spotted sporting a necklace bearing his name.

Though I always want to know, I respect the right to delay or never make an announcement about your child’s arrival. Except that it seems to backfire. Remember the maelstrom when Tom and Katie declined to release details about Suri?

Or maybe Adele really was indecisive. My son was a few weeks old when I realized I’d overlooked the perfect middle name. Before our daughter arrived, we talked out every aspect of her name – first, middles, nickname – until we were rock solid sure.

I think we can all understand a certain hesitance to share when you’re still trying to make sure you’ve chosen well.

Because it can be tough to decide, can’t it? Does it match your other kids’ names, is it easy to pronounce, have you honored family tradition … No wonder it can take every minute of nine months and beyond to figure it out.

On to the nine names all over this week’s baby name news:

MilanEarly rumors reported that singer Shakira and her footballer boyfriend Gerard Piqué planned to name their son Biel, a short form of Gabriel. But now that he’s here, we know that’s not so. Instead, the pair settled on Milan. It’s a Slavic name with international flair and a history of use in other languages. The Italian city takes its name from a different root, but adds to Milan’s cosmopolitan flair.

Angelo – Speaking of Italian, isn’t Adele’s son right at home with all those little boys called Matteo and Rocco? Adele and partner Simon Konecki have apparently settled on Angelo James for their son’s full name. I’m most intrigued by the style mismatch between baby’s first and last names. If once parents were counseled to avoid such combinations, it seems like we’ve become quite fearless about them in the last decade or so. Overall, there’s quite a bit to admire in the celebrated songstress’ choice.

Julian Ryder – Actor Mark Decklin and his wife Jamie also welcomed a son, Julian Ryder. This is fast becoming one of my favorite styles of names – a more classic choice in the first spot, with a trendier pick in the middle. There are plenty of boys named Brayden William and Landon James. Reverse the firsts and middles, and the names are much more intriguing.

Kick – Of course, we’ve all been intriguing by Jeremy Sisto’s son’s name for a while. With a daughter called Charlie Ballerina, we were all prepared for something unusual. Their choice – Bastian Kick – strikes me as just on the right side of daring. In a recent interview, he revealed Kick’s origins. He and wife Addie Lane were inspired by a girl’s nickname. Kick is sometimes used as a short form of Kathleen – especially among the Kennedy family.

TheloniousAngela at Upswing Baby Names has delved into some jazz-inspired options. Is Thelonious too much name? Does he sound more like felonious or melodious? With nickname option Theo and his connection to the legendary jazz pianist, this could be a great choice for daring namers. I also love Thelonious Monk’s mysterious middle name – Sphere.

Valentine – Are you due in the next few weeks? If your son or daughter arrived on February 14th would you consider Valentine? I mention it both because we’re quite close to the holiday, and because it made (http://www.thenamefreak.com/2013/01/some-very-fine-names.html ()’s extensive ends-with-ine list.

Ellis James – Upbeat veteran Travel Channel host Samantha Brown is a new mom! She and husband Kevin O’Leary welcomed twins. They chose a great name for son Ellis James – literary, preppy, not over the top, and anchored by that classic middle.

Elizabeth MaeEllis’ sister is Elizabeth Mae. It’s not an exciting combination, but I do find it pleasing. She has a cheerful feel, and there are nicknames galore. In fact, I rather hope they plan to call her Libby or Betsy or Beth, because Ellis and Elizabeth are really too close for siblings.

Hephzibah – Let’s end on a high note – they used it! Do you remember the Swistle question from a seventh generation Hephzibah uncertain about passing down her name? The mom recently wrote in that they’d settled on Eloise Hephzibah for their new daughter. It’s a nice compromise, and I’m glad to see the tradition carry on for one more generation