Category: Baby Names Popularity

Names Meaning Red are Blazing Hot

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Names meaning red, in fact all names that are related to the color red, have been red hot recently—and not just for red-haired babies.

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Unique Baby Names in the News

By Emma Waterhouse

Unique baby names feature heavily in this week’s name news, from fresh word names chosen by high-profile parents to a centuries-old Indian naming tradition.

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New Top French Baby Names

By Clare Green

French baby names are just one feature of this week’s news. It also includes new popularity lists from several other countries, alternative ways to pick a baby name, and the ups and downs of sharing your name with someone famous.

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Sports Star Names in the News

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes big risers and fallers, a controversial baby name from Scotland, and which French names get the top grades.

Sports star names: Alex and Gylfi

Score! The USA women’s soccer team won the World Cup last weekend, and striker Alex Morgan already has at least one potential namesake. One fan, who’s expecting a baby in December, said that if it’s a girl her first and middle name will be Alexandra Morgan. In my humble opinion, Alex or Alexander Morgan would work nicely for a boy too! For more World Cup namespiration, here are our favorite names from all 24 national teams.

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top baby names 2019

by Sophie Kihm and Pamela Redmond

Nameberry’s list of Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 features two new names at Number 1: Archie and Isla.

Midway through the year, Archie attracted 50 percent more page views than any other boys’ name. Archie‘s popularity is thanks largely to Britain’s latest royal baby. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The infant son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Harry and Meghan) will be christened this weekend

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