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Top British Baby Names: Some fun facts

By Emma Waterhouse

This week’s news includes fun facts from the new top British baby name data, name inspiration from the football pitch to the pizza parlor, and an out-of-this-world naming challenge for the Teenberries out there…

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Cross-Cultural Names: German American girls

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Cross-cultural names: Naming across languages means extra challenges – and more choices, too! Let’s help this family find the right cross-cultural name for their German-American daughter.

Anna writes:

My husband and I are at an impasse for deciding on a name for our baby girl due end of November and would welcome advice. My husband is German so the name has to work in both languages. We don’t want anything too popular (at least in the US), bot not too obscure. It can’t start with an S because initials would be SS.

Our son is Oskar, with the German spelling. I like that it is simple, strong and clear without too many options for nicknames. Our favorites are:

  • Clara
  • Lena
  • Louisa
  • Matilda
  • Miriam
  • Nina

I’m slightly concerned about pronunciation of some of these names and wouldn’t want her to be correcting people her whole life. We’d pronounce Clara with a long ‘a’ like Clahra, and Lena to rhyme with Elena.

Thanks for your help!

The Name Sage replies:

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New Top British Baby Names

By Eleanor Nickerson

The top British baby names for 2018 are hot off the press from the Office of National Statistics.

Once again, Oliver was top in England and Wales, for the sixth year, and Olivia remained the top name for girls for the third year in a row.

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

So you’re thinking about girls names starting with C for your little bambina. You know all too well that Charlotte is one of the top names in the English-speaking world and that Chloe and Claire and Cora and Charlie are mega-popular too.

But you’re seeking something a little (or a lot) more distinctive.

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Gorgeous Greek Girl Names

by Linda Rosenkrantz

It’s not that Greek girl names have been totally neglected. After all, in the US Top 300 alone, we find Sophia at #5, followed by Chloe and Zoe, Penelope, Cora, Lydia, Alexa and Alexandra, Iris, Evangeline and Thea.

But there is still a wealth of Greek girl names waiting to be restored, all of them rich in history, many with intriguing mythological stories, some with roots in nature.  A few of them have already been rediscovered by our perspicacious berries, but none has made its mark in the wider name world.

Here are 14 of the best.

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