International Baby Name News

illegal baby names
July 7th, 2020

Illegal Baby Names Banned Around the World

By Sophie Kihm

These illegal baby names are so outrageous, they wound up in court.

Australian baby names
June 5th, 2020

Australia’s Most Popular Baby Names Show Unique Style

By Clare Green

Aussie parents show their love for short names, laid-back nicknames, and the royal family.

English baby names
May 29th, 2020

These English Names Never Crossed the Pond

By Clare Green

These English baby names rank among the Top 1000 in the UK but are rarely used in the US.

european boy names
May 14th, 2020

150+ European Baby Boy Names

By Emma Waterhouse

European boy names don’t stop at Leo and Lucas! Here are 150+ of our favorite stylish, sophisticated, under-the-radar European baby names for boys.

international boy names
May 6th, 2020

Finding International Boy Names

By Abby Sandel

They’re expecting a new son this month, but can’t find a great name that works equally well in German and English. Let’s help them grow their list!

European names
April 27th, 2020

150+ European Baby Girl Names

By Pamela Redmond

These girls’ names hail from a wide range of European countries, from Ireland to Russia, Spain to Sweden. What they have in common is a stylish European flavor that will be in good taste anywhere.

Modern Jewish Names
April 8th, 2020

Modern Jewish Baby Names Pay Homage to Heritage

By Sophie Kihm

In honor of Passover, we’re looking at the best modern Jewish baby names that will help you honor your heritage in a stylish way.

baby name corona
March 28th, 2020

Babies Named Corona Are No Joke

By Katherine Morna Towne

Babies named Corona may seem far-fetched in the midst of the current coronavirus crisis, but there’s a long history of disaster-inspired baby names.

irish baby names
March 17th, 2020

St Patrick’s Day Names Celebrate All Things Irish

By Emma Waterhouse

Happy St Patrick’s Day! We’re celebrating Irish baby names with a look at the top Irish name trends in the US, as well as unique Irish options to consider.

girl holds a bunch of daffodils
February 26th, 2020

Welsh Names Celebrate St David’s Day

By Clare Green

Looking for a Welsh name that’s usable and deserves more love? We’ve picked 30 of the best.