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15 Stellar Astronomy Baby Names

By Clare Green

If you’ve ever looked up in wonder at the night sky, or tried to pick out the constellations, you may be considering astronomy baby names. There are galaxies of possibilities, ranging from the names of moons, stars and planets, to choices inspired by famous astronomers and space exploration.

Whether you’re an astrophysicist or just love watching the skies, here are 15 of the most stellar astronomy-inspired names.

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Biblical Girl Names for Now

by Linda Rosenkrantz

When it comes to biblical girl names, it’s been the Old Testament women’s names that have been found on most popularity lists in the recent past. Rachel and Rebecca, Sarah and Hannah have been long-running stalwarts. But the New Testament has some appealing options as well, ranging from the classic Mary and Elizabeth to the recently popular Chloe to faded favorites like Lois and Rhoda to some of the more interesting appellations below.

Here are some fresher choices you might consider.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

There are a lot of surprisingly cool character names hiding in Shakespeare’s plays. You only have to look beyond the more obvious Romeo and Juliet, Caesar and Cleopatra, Hamlet and Horatio. Just among the male characters, we find many attractive and usable options if we move past the title and leading players to those lower on the cast lists.

Here are 18 prime examples of literary names that don’t broadcast their Shakespearean heritage , from Angus to Piers.

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Sunny Names for Leo Babies

By E. Wittig

Last week we took a deep dive into the Leo family of names. Now we look at inspirational appellations for the baby born in this period which move way beyond Leo and Leonie.

Leo baby names must suit a child who is destined to be charismatic, self-assured, fun, and adventurous. Leo people, born from July 23rd to August 22nd, don’t like to be bored or end up in second place. Along with the emblematic lion, Leo sign is symbolized by fire, the sun, and the colors gold, red, and yellow, all good inspirations for names for your Leo baby.

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Ancient Greek Names That Work Today

by Sophie Kihm

In Ancient Greece, it was common practice to skip a generation when using honor names. The first-born son was traditionally named after one of his grandfathers—whichever one was of higher status. The second son was named after his other grandfather (usually the maternal grandfather), and daughters were named after grandmothers or great-aunts.

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