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By Ashley Richards

Happy Veteran’s Day!  And what a special Veteran’s Day it is, too—the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I!

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By Eleanor Nickerson

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are having a baby! Yep, we’ve all been guessing it wouldn’t take long, and now that it’s confirmed, we can start speculating on the prospective royal baby names.

To Royal or not to Royal?

First there is the question of whether or not the couple will/have to/should use a royal name for their child.

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By John Kelly

Ghouls and goblins don’t exactly make for the best namesakes, but we still wanted to get into the Halloween spirit. So, we’ve conjured up just that: Some baby names with “soulful” roots that may keep you up at night not with trepidation, but inspiration.


Enid has a vintage sound, which just might her fresh again. From the Welsh for “soul” or “life,” Enid is the beautiful lover of Geraint, a king and warrior storied in Arthurian legend. She is #637 on 2017’s Top 1000 girl names, down from her all-time high at #420 in 1920, when she graced the name of several starlets of the silent screen. Enid shares the nostalgic appeal of the more voguish Eleanor and Evelyn.

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10 Years of Baby Names

baby names 2018

by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz

We launched Nameberry in October 2008, the same month the economy collapsed and a few weeks before Barack Obama was elected president.

In that decade, 40 million babies were born in the US, and 235 million people viewed 1.5 billion pages of our site. The Social Security Administration recorded 56,000 baby names, and Nameberry’s database cimbed to 70,000 names, along with nearly 500 curated lists, 3728 blogs, over 180,000 lists created by visitors, and 3,386,947 forum posts.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

The crisp, colorful month of October has arrived, and in your search for a meaning name for your baby born this month, how about choosing that of another October-born child.  Any of these noteworthy figures drawn from the worlds of religion, politics, medicine, the arts and entertainment, and activism would make exceptionally worthy namesakes for your own October babe.

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