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These veteran parents know their style, but that doesn’t always make it easier to choose a favorite.

Christina writes:

I need some help coming up with a name for our FIFTH baby.  Our oldest is a boy and the rest are girls. New baby is another girl, which makes it harder – we already have three!  My husband and I struggle finding a baby name we both like – two of our children were nameless five days after they were born. We both like longer names that can be easily nicknamed. We also like older names, but not “popular” older names (no Hazel). Our children’s names and nicknames are:

Richard Malcolm (Richard was hubby’s idea – third generation Richard – we refer to him as Malcolm or Mac for short)

Louisa Kathryn (Lucy for short)

Marguerite Virginia (Margo)

Rosalie Clare (Rosie)

Thanks for the help!

The Name Sage replies:

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By  Mélissa Delahaye of Jolis Prénoms

With French baby names, two clear trends have emerged in baby naming: short, simple, two-syllable names and the return to vintage/ancient names. With a heavy preponderance of girl names ending with -a and the growing success of biblical names, there are many overlaps with U.S. trends. French parents are also largely returning to tradition when it comes to naming their children, and old-fashioned names are making their comeback. Name popularity goes in cycles and a growing number of French parents are exploring the branches of their family trees to find inspiration.

Here is a selection of classic names that are either on the rise or already big hits in France, but not as well used in the US:

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Classic Baby Names on the Rise

By Abby Sandel

When it comes to classic baby names, there are two stories we like to tell. Sometimes it’s that classics have been abandoned. Time to name your baby Chicago, Koala, or True, because nobody would dare call a kid Elizabeth or James in the year 2018.

The other story? Classic baby names are back. Everyone is taking a page from Kate Middleton’s book, and sticking to the most enduring of choices, naming their children Caroline and Henry.

Neither of these extremes is true.

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By Katherine Morna Towne

The name Mary and its variants Marie and Maria have been given to girls from humble families, royal families and every family in between for centuries (it was even suggested that the new Prince Louis might have been named Mary if he’d been a girl). In the US, Mary was the top name every year from when the Social Security Administration began keeping records in the late 1800s until 1961 (with a few-year stint at Number Two from 1947 to 1952).

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13 Adorable Girl Names for May

By Linda Rosenkrantz

It has become a Nameberry tradition to start the merry month of May off with a blog featuring names that start with that upbeat, spring-like syllable. So here is the 2018 edition, with the most current, promising examples.

MABEL –Like her cousin Sadie, this sassy vintage charmer is a major celeb fave, used by Chad Lowe, Tracey Ullman, Bruce Willis, Russell Brand, Topher Grace and Dermot Mulroney. Mabel—originally a short form of Amabel and meaning lovable—currently ranks at #513 and 102 on Nameberry, after being a Top 20 name in the 1920s. Cousin Maybelle is rarely heard outside Nashville, Maybelline can be be located in drugstore cosmetic sections.

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