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By Ashley Richards

Happy Veteran’s Day!  And what a special Veteran’s Day it is, too—the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I!

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By Eleanor Nickerson

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are having a baby! Yep, we’ve all been guessing it wouldn’t take long, and now that it’s confirmed, we can start speculating on the prospective royal baby names.

To Royal or not to Royal?

First there is the question of whether or not the couple will/have to/should use a royal name for their child.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Let’s say you come from a family that has an abundance of male members named John—unsurprising for a name that for four centuries ruled as the Number 1 boys’ Christian name and is still in the US Top 30 with one of its nicknames, Jack, almost as high. And there’s one particular John you want to honor, yet you’re not keen on your son being John IV or one of seven cousin Jacks or eight Jacksons. Well, here are 30 plus related names from around the world that would still pay tribute to Grandpa John.

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Girl Names in Limbo: Can they escape?

by Linda Rosenkrantz

They were once the belles of the ball.  But then they gradually lost their luster and found themselves in baby name limbo.

Most of these girls’ names aren’t vintage enough to benefit from the 100-year rule. And many are recent enough to still bring up images of moms and aunts and grandmas.  A few of them can be considered semi-classics, once as high as in the Top 15, yet none of them makes it even into today’s Top 1000 baby names.

But if you can manage to shake off the dust and look at them with fresh eyes, re-imagine their original appeal, I think you will find choices here that still have a lot of intrinsic life.

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By John Kelly

From kindergarten to college, the kids are going back to school. But for those of you with babies on the way, let’s take some inspiration from famous figures their older siblings are studying up on various subjects in the classroom. Here’s a full schedule of names for you, from the sciences to the Fine Arts.

English Class

Shakespeare might be a bit overwhelming as a first—and Beowulf a bit too bold—so consider some other cornerstones of English lit. Chaucer is charming, and the lesser-read (Edmund) Spenser, of The Faerie Queene, makes a poetic alternative to the rising Spencer (#292 in 2017). They both have the added appeal as occupational names; Chaucer may ultimately mean “shoemaker,” and Spencer is “steward.” Virginia (Woolf) can be inspiration for this classic girl’s name, while (Jane) Austen has a hip sense and sensibility to it. Why settle for one of the sisters when you can honor all three with Bronte? It’s now #623 on Nameberry.

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