Car Names: Test Drive These For Your Baby

Car Names: Test Drive These For Your Baby

Guest blogger ERIN FREEMAN finds baby-naming inspiration on the used car lot.

Two weeks ago I had my first experience shopping for a car. While in high school, I had been given a 1992 Dodge Dynasty by an uncle, and after I graduated and was pregnant with my oldest son, my grandparents gave me their 1995 Ford Taurus. My Taurus finally gave out on me two weeks ago, so my father, my husband and I set out to find me a car.

While walking around the used car lot, it struck me just how unique some of the names of these cars were. Some were unique in a way that just seemed far-fetched. Some were unique in a way that could be considered daring, but at the same time up-and-coming or trendy. And then there were some that years ago would have been a stretch, but now seem commonplace. Much like baby names.

Naturally, being the name enthusiast I am, this led to me researching car names as soon as I got home with my newly-purchased 2008 Dodge Caliber. What I didn’t expect was how many options there were beyond the standard car brands like Ford, Lincoln, Mercedes, Porsche and Romeo, all names we’ve heard before. Branching out into the models issued by individual car brands, I found so many options, and many trends I did not expect.

Here, for instance, are car names that were used for babies first:


Then there are the car names that are similar to up-and-coming baby names, and might provide a fresh twist on too-trendy choices:


There are lots of car model names derived from place names, and some of these are used for babies as well. Others – Daytona? Denali? – might make fresh options.


Another car-naming trend that dovetails with people naming: Word names. We’ve hjeard of babies named Baron, Blue, Echo, and Indigo. But Cougar? Not yet.


Other car model names might not fit so easily into one of the above categories, but may work just as well for a child.


ERIN FREEMAN lives in Massachusetts with her husband Chad, who is her high school sweetheart. They have two boys, Cody Ryan, 5, and Logan John Whitman, almost 2. Erin has been an avid name-enthusiast since high school. In her family’s spare time, they love taking the boys to the beach and the park, and spending time with their very large extended family.

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