Best Girls’ Storybook Names: Beyond Madeline and Matilda

For many name lovers, that passion was sparked by a name that jumped out from the pages of an early-encountered children’s storybook. It might have been as simple as Alice or Anne, Jo, Beth, Amy or Meg, as fanciful as Pollyanna or Amelia Bedelia, as memorable as Eloise or Fern, Madeline or Matilda— or even have been an attractive animal’s name like Celeste the elephant or rabbits Cecily or Jemima. It’s hard to pick a dozen best from all the possible choices, but here are our top 12 most adventurous:

Beatrix/ Trixie

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Beatrix Belden, commonly known as Trixie, is the 13-year-old title character of the popular and extensive Trixie Belden series of ‘girl detective’ mysteries published between 1948 and 1986. Beatrix is a growing-in-popularity alternative to Beatrice; Trixie a peppy nickname alternative to Bea.

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