Best Boys’ Storybook Names: Beyond Christopher Robin and Max

Last week we found some great names for girls in beloved children’s books, and now it’s the boys’ turn. But to avoid the risk of their commandeering the list, we’re ignoring all the Harry Potter, Twilight, Hobbit and Narnia franchise boys in favor of heroes and supporting players from a variety of sources– picture books to classic tales to YA novels. As always, it’s tough to pick a dozen best from all the endless possibilities, but here is our list of Top 13 storybook names for boys.


Picture 13 of 13

In the series of Septimus Heap fantasy novels by Angie Sage, the eponymous hero is, quite appropriately for the meaning of his name, the seventh son of a seventh son. Several of the venerable Latin numerical names have now entered the realm of possibility.

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