Babyberry Births in September

Babyberry Births in September

By Linda Rosenkrantz

A remarkably rich roster of new babyberries in this month’s report. First among this group of September baby names, three sets of gorgeously named twins, two girl pairs and one boy:

Flavia Tamsin and Ruby Amaryllis

Iona Dorothy and Willow Jemima

Dexter Frans Yaniv and Lennox Noam Juhani

And we can’t help noting the even greater than usual profusion of floral and other nature names among these newbies and their sibs—Amaryllis, Marigold, Willow, Posey, Juniper…also nice to see the return of Jemima and Jethro.

Here is the full list of announcements posted on the forum in September.

Amora Felipa Maia, sister of Caetano and Elisa

“We were stuck between Amora and Aurora, but upon seeing the color of her eyes and hair (lots of it), we decided on Amora which is the Portuguese word for the blackberry fruit –but not the cellphone! My children all carry my last name and against tradition don’t carry their dad’s. Because of that, I thought it was only fair to honor my DH, Felipe, with her middle name, Felipa.”

Cassandra Margaret

Cassie is a 6th generation Margaret starting, as far as we know, with Brigid Margaret who came to the U.S. from Ireland.”

Eleanor Frances Wren, nn Birdie, sister of MargaretScoutPhilomena

We planned on naming her Frances Pearl, after an aunt and Pearl was a name we liked, but after seeing the reply the amazing Abby Sandel gave, we fell in love with Birdie at the last minute… we felt that Eleanor would be better than just Birdie, 1. More nicknames, 2. A bit more “serious” than Birdie.”

Elisabeth Pearl

Emmeline Beatrix, sister of Heidi Olivia, Rhys Owen and Griffin Henry

“We were nearly sold on Cerys Emily or Phoebe Quinn, but Emmeline really stole our hearts…Beatrix was suggested by my husband out of the blue one afternoon. I think it really gives a liveliness to her name, and it suits her quite well.”

Eve Katarina, sister of Flora Josephine and Leo Alexander

Fallon Siobhan Raine, sister of Joely, Arlo and Bristol

Flavia Tamsin, twin of Ruby Amaryllis and sister of Agatha Evelyn and May Marigold

Flavia is just a name that I have loved for a long time. Tamsin is for my FIL and husband, both named Thomas

Iona Dorothy, twin to Willow Jemima and sister to Elodie Celeste, Posey Isobella and Soren Henry

Mabel Rose, sister if Elena Rose

Margaret Petra Jean

“I wanted something classic, strong yet feminine, not too trendy, with nickname opportunities…Husband wanted to honour his Danish heritage and agreed on wanting nickname options. Independently we both came up with Margaret. He liked the 14th century Danish queen, and I like the English royalty connections.”

Nora Antoinette, sister of Paxton and Brody

Olive Faye Nemudrova, sister of Holland Viola Valentina

“Her name was formed very much like her sister’s. Olive is just a name that we loved. We were going to go with Alice, which is a family name, but Olive was a tad bit spunkier. Her two middle names are family names. Faye is after my paternal grandmother…Nemudrova was a hard one. My husband doesn’t know his paternal side, so we went back to his mother’s Russian side. We only really knew the name Valentine, but we had already used it for Holland…we went ahead and just used his family’s last name.”

Pearl Annabeth, sister of Memphis and Afton

Romilly Marigold Joy, sister of Cashel and Torin.

Romilly was one of our top names from the beginning, but a deciding factor for us was her six year old brother Cashel, insisting to us that other names were nice, but “my sister’s name is Romilly” and telling us it was the best and most beautiful name.”

Rosalee Honor, sister of Azilee and Coan

“We…decided on spelling it this way instead of traditional Rosalie so it would match our daughter’s flower inspired name, Azilee (variation of Azalea). I chose honor because I love a serious middle name to offset the flower and frills of Rosalee, but it is still old fashioned.”

Rose January, sister of Leo Stone

“Her middle name was chosen as it is the month my husband and I were born. We also thought the idea of January being the beginning and fresh start of every year and this being new life had a lovely association.”

Ruby Amaryllis, twin of Flavia Tamsin, sister of Agatha Evelyn and May Marigold

Ruby is a name that my husband has adored for a long time. Amaryllis is a convenient amalgam for my husband’s beloved grandmother, Martha Cheryllann.”

Willow Jemima, twin of Iona Dorothy, sister to Elodie Celeste, Posey Isobella and Soren Henry


Asa Frederick, brother of Kat Eloise

Christopher Mark, brother of Niamh Bridget, Mairead Sarah, Annabel Blake and Maya Noelle

“We chose the name Christopher because it is a strong, classic name with staying power; also, it’s not used quite as much anymore so it has a fresh feel (to me).”

Damien Kenneth

Damien we had picked out…just because we love the way it sounds. Has Damien/Damian “sidestepped its demonic horror movie overtones?” No, it has not, many people we’ve told mentioning that the “Omen” was their first thought. But my husband and I are so glad we kept it anyway, We love him and his name!”

Dexter Frans Yaniv, twin brother of Lennox Noam Juhani

“We chose the names Dexter and Lennox simply because we liked them. We wanted something that wasn’t too popular, but not too out there either. It was also important to us that the first names weren’t too difficult for all our friends and family to pronounce in other parts of the world. The names also needed to go well together and fit as twins, but not be too twins-y. I think we met our criteria pretty well.”

Ellington Jasper, brother of Adriana Juniper

Ellington is after jazz great Duke Ellington and also honors family members Ellen and Elinor. Jasper was chosen for many of the same reasons as Juniper: it begins with the letter “J” like the mother’s maiden name, is a nature name, and has biblical significance.”

George Thomas, brother of James Daniel, William Joseph, Elise Marie and Zachary Allan

“At first, we had settled on Thomas as a first name, but after some time I felt that there’s only one “Tom–my dad. So Thomas was bumped to the middle spot….After we named him, we found out he shares a first and middle name with Joe’s boss’s boss; it’s the ultimate (unintentional) brown-nosing.”

Jethro Ames

Jethro with the possible nn Jett seemed like the perfect balance between modern and cool, what hubby was after, and vintage gentleman, which was more my goal. Ames is my maiden name.”

Lennox Noam Juhani, twin brother of Dexter Frans Yaniv.

“The middle names were chosen to honor both our heritages. Frans and Juhani have been used several times both as first names and as middle names in my family.”

Seamus William Douglas Campbell

Winston Oakes, sister of Willow Harper

So what are your favorite names, first and middle combos and sibsets?

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