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October 11, 2015 Sophie Kihm

By Sophie Kihm

We each have our own approach when it comes to middle naming. Whether it’s honor-names-only, quirky guilty pleasures, or next in line on your favorites list, most parents are subscribed to a particular attitude. But no matter what your style is when it comes to middle names, we could all use some inspiration every now and then. I’ve compiled a list of lists–all past posts from my blog that feature names that I think are especially suited for the middle spot.

Nature Names

Nature names are widely appealing, and they make up some of the most popular middle names. These lists offer many more options beyond Rose, and they might even take you in an unexpected direction (fruit and veggie names, anyone?)

Fruit and Vegetable Names:

My favorite middles: Fig, Huckleberry, and Plum

Herbs and Spice Names

My favorite middles: Artemisia, Nigella, and Quassia

Squash and Pumpkin Names

My favorite middles: Cocozelle, Kuri, and Valenciano

Tree Names

My favorite middles: Ash, Birch, and Hickory

Unexpected Flower Names

My favorite middles: Anemone, Larkspur, and Petunia

Out-of-the-Box Names

If you’re a fairly cautious namer, there’s no better place for an out-of-the-box name than the middle. Out-of-the-Box Names are free-spirited and whimsical, and–in my opinion–make the cutest middle names.

Camera Names

My favorite middles: Kodak, Leica, and Olympus

Car Inspired Names

My favorite middles: Alfa, Lotus, and Tesla

Fashion Trends as Names

My favorite middles: Chevron, Dot, and Peplum

Holiday Names

My favorite middles: Holiday, Season, and Yule

Pattern Names

My favorite middles: Gingham, Grain, and Tartan

Royalty Inspired Names

My favorite middles: Baron, Noble, and Royal

Sports Names

My favorite middles: Cricket, Derby, and League

Virtue Names

Perhaps the most enduring middle name trend is virtue names. Nowadays we see plenty of girls with Grace in the middle, though in the past picks like Joy, Faith, and Hope were also popular. These lists offer some more modern choices.

Modern Virtue Names for Girls

My favorite middles: Divinity, Hero, and Virtue

Modern Virtue Names for Boys

My favorite middles: Candor, Reason, and Zeal

Word Names

Like out-of-the-box names, word names can be very playful when used in the middle. They range from conservative to offbeat, but I think all of them are delightful.

Beachy Names

My favorite middles: Dune, Marine, and Oceane

Calendar Names

My favorite middles: Season, Tuesday, and Winter

Day Names

My favorite middles: Asa, Dia, and Early

Nautical Names

My favorite middles: Beacon, Sailor, and Sea

Night Names

My favorite middles: Dream, Moon, and Story

State Capital Names

My favorite middles: Augusta, Helena, and Honolulu

Do any of these strike your fancy? Do you have any names reserved for the middle spot?

Sophie is a college freshman from Chicago. She loves helping people name things–whether it’s their child, car, or pet fish. You can visit her on her blog or her Names board on Pinterest.

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