Baby Names from Supernatural

Baby Names from Supernatural

By Abby Sandel

Supernatural has been a small screen sensation. It’s currently in its eleventh season, a mark many series never reach.

When the series opens, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester are estranged. Sam is living a normal life, applying to law school. Meanwhile Dean has gone into the family business: demon hunting. Their dad goes missing, and the brothers reunite to follow the clues he left behind.

There have been plenty of character names over the eleven seasons. Some for the good guys; others for villains, and plenty for those who meet the brothers as they face off against things that go bump in the night.

One of the most interesting things about the series? It’s not just the female characters with great names. Some of the best and boldest choices are given to men. At least one has entered the US Top 1000 since Supernatural’s 2005 debut.

Read on for some of the most interesting baby names from the series.

Supernatural Baby Names: Boys

Alastair – This Scottish form of Alexander was given to one the series’ most memorable villains.

AshAsher and Ashton are mainstream, but just Ash is rare. In the series, Ash is an MIT dropout who uses his skills to help the Winchesters track down the paranormal.

Balthazar – The ancient name is usually associated with the Three Wise Men from the Nativity story, but Supernatural gave it to an angel who isn’t exactly on the side of good.

Bartholomew – Another angel with an agenda, and a name’s that clunky – and a little bit cool, too.

Cain – In the Bible, Cain kills his brother Abel in a jealous rage. Supernatural changes his backstory, but he’s still a bad guy.

Castiel – The angel Castiel is one of the brothers’ allies. He first appeared on the show in 2008’s Season Four. By 2013, the name had entered the US Top 1000.

DeanSamuel is a well-established choice for a son, but surname Dean had fallen out of favor. The older Winchester brother has helped bring it back, though. Dean has climbed more than 100 places since Supernatural’s debut. In the series, he’s named for his grandmother, demon hunter Deanna Campbell.

Raphael – Any series that includes angels will almost surely use the handsome name Raphael, and Supernatural does not disappoint.

RufusRufus is an older demon hunter, who comes out of retirement to help the Winchesters with their work. It’s one of several Supernatural names that also appear in the Harry Potter series.

Zachariah – It’s the name of another angel who seems like one of the good guys – at first.

Supernatural Baby Names: Girls

Amara – A multicultural name with roots in Latin and Igbo, Amara’s rise predates the series. When Supernatural’s Amara was introduced in Season 11, she was an innocent victim saved by the Winchesters – only to turn into yet another baddie.

Amelia – There’s an Amelia in Doctor Who, a minor character in Harry Potter, and two Amelias in Supernatural.

CharlieCharlie Bradbury appears in Season 9. A skilled computer hacker, fan of all things sci fi, her name is an alias.

Ellen – The demon hunters often have down-to-earth names, and Ellen Harvelle – an old friend of the Winchesters’ father – is no exception.

GwenGwen Campbell is a cousin to Dean and Sam, and she’s also in the family business. It’s a Welsh name meaning fair, and recently returned to the US Top 1000.

LilithLilith is often a name associated with demons in ancient myth. Supernatural uses the name for a villain introduced in Season 2. Despite Lilith’s dark side, the popularity of Lily names has boosted Lilith into the Top 1000 since 2010.

Mary – The death of Dean and Sam’s mother, Mary, starts the series in motion.

NaomiNaomi is yet another angel, introduced in Season 8. The Biblical name has a long history of use, and is currently more popular than ever.

RowenaRowena is a powerful witch, and enemy of the Winchesters in later seasons. It’s also a literary choice, thanks to Lady Rowena in Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe.

RubyRuby is a human turned witch turned demon; the name may have been inspired by Rubicante, a character from Dante’s Inferno.

TessaTessa is an immortal reaper who guides the souls of the dead to the afterlife. It’s a fitting choice: Tessa is short for Theresa, which refers to the harvest.

Are there any great character names from the series that I’ve missed?