Baby Names 2013: Our newest choices

Our newest crop of baby names 2013 are a modern mix of ancient and contemporary.  They include the name of the year’s coolest car made famous by an early electrical inventor, a name shared by this season’s hottest baseball player and a soldier in David‘s Biblical army, and a zippy new nickname for a classic Top 10 girls’ name.

The baby names 2013 newest on Nameberry are:


Cleora is a virtually extinct name (there were no babies named Cleora recorded in the US in 2012) that achieved some standing in the early 20th century thanks to the craze for all things Egypt-related. A range of Cleopatra diminutives, including Cleora,, made the Top 1000 then as the ancient tombs were opened in Egypt and Theda Bara starred in the 1917 silent film hit Cleopatra. Cleora feels new via its steampunk style.

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