Baby Name Letters: What’s your favorite O name?

Oh my goodness!

O Baby Names — names that start or end with the letter o — is one of our longest lists, with 16 pages of names totaling more than 150 selections.

O Names are also among our most enduring classes of cool names, first introduced in the original Beyond Jennifer & Jason and still going strong, with lots of new entries to the group.

The O Names include such hotties as Oscar and Milo, Theo and Owen and  Olive (though O names are more often for boys).

Then there are such rising stars as Orion and Oz,  Indigo and Cato.

There are classics among the O names, too: Octavia, Olivia, Oliver, and Otto, for instance.

And of course, the O names also include such cool international choices as Viggo and Mateo, Laszlo and O’Brien.

In fact, we believe there’s an O name to suit every sensibility and style.

Do you agree?  Which O name or names do you like best?

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And now for some of our favorite O names:


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Benno is one of the most distinctive and undiscovered of the o-ending boys. Though it sounds like an Italian play on Ben, it’s actually German, the name of an 11th century saint, patron of anglers, weavers and—sufferin’ succotash!—alliteration. Two notable bearers: Benno Schmidt Sr., the venture capitalist who invented the term venture capitalist, and Benno Schmidt, Jr., one-time president of Yale.

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