What To Name Your Autumn Baby

What To Name Your Autumn Baby

It’s the first day of  fall…the air is getting crisper, the days are getting shorter…the moment to think about the names of autumn.

Unlike spring, summer, and even winter, fall is not a season that immediately brings a bonanza of name possibilities to mind.  But when you think about it, there are almost as many autumn blooms as there are springtime ones, there are harvest deities, and a palette-full of fall colors, among other options.

So if you’re expecting a fall baby, and are looking for a name reflecting the season of their birth, there are lots of colorful choices to consider, beginning with:

The autumnal flowers and shrubs:

  • Adonis (blue)

  • Anemone

  • Aster

  • Belle of the Night

  • Camellia

  • Cosmos

  • Dahlia

  • Freesia

  • Gladiola

  • Iris

  • Ivy

  • Juniper

  • Lavender

  • Marigold

  • Orchid

  • Poppy

  • Quince

  • Rose

  • Sage/salvia

  • Susan (black-eyed)

  • Yarrow

  • Zinnia

  • Trees known for their brilliantly colorful fall foliage:

  • Ash

  • Aspen

  • Beech

  • Birch

  • Hickory

  • Maple

  • Oak

  • Colors in the autumnal palette:

  • Amber

  • Auburn

  • Brick

  • Brown

  • Buff

  • Burgundy

  • Citron

  • Ginger

  • Hazel

  • Marigold

  • Russet

  • Sienna

  • Umber

    Seasonal signs of the zodiac:



    Fall birthstones:



    Citrine, TopazNovember

    Harvest goddesses

  • AnnonaRoman, personification of plenty

  • CeresRoman

  • Cerridwen – Welsh nature goddess

  • Demeter—Greek harvest goddess

  • Jeyriall—Santharian goddess

  • Persephone— daughter of Demeter

  • Rhea – Greek goddess of the earth

  • And one god-

    Lugh— Irish god of the harvest (and light)

    Names with autumnal meanings:

  • Aki — Japanese—born in autumn

  • Akiko – Japanese –autumn child

  • Ashoun – Armenian—autumn

  • Chyoh—Chinese –autumn

  • Hazan – Turkish—autumn

  • Jora/Jorah – Hebrew—autumn rain

  • Liqiu – Chinese —  beautiful autumn

  • Qiu – Chinese – autumn

  • Thu—Vietnamese—autumn

  • And of course we can’t forget Autumn herself, a pretty name that’s currently in the Top 100 (at #81), given to more than 3,600 baby girls last year.

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