August Baby Names: Newest Berry Announcements

September 5, 2016 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

What’s new?

There were two sets of twins among the August baby names announced on the Forums this month, both beautifully balanced:

Evelyn Josephine & Ezra Nathaniel and

Willa Mary & Opal Susan

Also of particular note in this shorter-than-usual list: middle names Lavender and Marvel, and the prominence of E names for boys. Plus the huuuuge  preponderance of family namesakes!

Here are the names entered in the Birth Announcement forum in August.


Carolina Gray, sister of Magnolia Ren

Gemma Gray was a very close second, but Carolina was the most popular choice both in our nameberry poll and with extended family, It also holds more sentimental value and another connection to her great-grandmother, who is the namesake for our middle choice of Gray.”

Evelyn Josephine, twin of Ezra Nathaniel and sister of Phoebe Eloise

“We loved Josephine as middle to honor her grandpa Joe (who was very touched.”)

Faye Annelise, sister of Norah, Lucy and Henry

We chose Faye as a nod to two important women in my life, my mom (Gay) and close friend (Anne Elizabeth).”

Juliette Marvel

“We named her after two heroines of ours.”

June Lavender Millie, sister of twins HeatherHattieIsla Posey and Leila Anna Rylie

LouiseLulaVictoria, sister of TheodoraTheaSky and WinifredWinnieJune

“We love how it’s a strong name, to go along with her sisters’ names. Louise is a family name on my wife’s side, and Victoria is from my side of the family; my father’s mother’s name was Victoria and it’s my middle name as well.”

Marlena Elizabeth, sister of Kinga Maria, Ingrid Faustina and Ivette Katherine

Marley is named in homor of her grandmother Margot and her great-grandmother Helena.”

Mayvrie Ariel, sister of Madelynn Marie and McKinzley Grace

“All our daughters will have M names.”

Nora Juliette, sister of Amelia Joelle

“We ended up really struggling to choose between Evelyn Juliette, Evelien Marielle and Nora Juliette or Nora Marielle. And I so mean struggling”

Opal Susan, twin of Willa Mary

Willa Mary, twin of Opal Susan

Willa is in honour of my husband’s father, William, who the girls share a birthday with.”


Bennett Isidore, brother of Primrose Luna and Lyra Persphone

Bennett was one of our favorite names, it had a similar classical feel like Primrose and Lyra. Isidore has that more unusual and “magical” feel, like Luna and Persephone.”

Calvin Andrew, brother of Eli Joaquin

Daniel Amos

Amos is a name we both love, and it’s also the name of my husband’s great-grandfather.”

Edmund Liam, brother of Logan, Ruby, Michael (“Mick”) and Gwendolen (“Gwennie”)

“We took several hours to decide between our final two of Edmund and Murray, but the historical and literary connections to Edmund were too good for me to pass up. Liam is after my late father, William.”

Evander Shea, brother of Maya Evangeline and Rowan Gulliver

Ezra Nathaniel, twin of Evelynn Josephine and sister of Phoebe Eloise

Ezra seemed very relaxed and we wanted a name that reflected that. Nathaniel is my father’s middle name.”

Leland Timothy, brother of Felix Jeffrey

Lucas Samuel

Rowan Jude, brother of Isabel Yvonne

Shea Sullivan

“We have had some difficulties with people pronouncing his name wrong—shee-ah, but are still very happy with our choice of something unique but not outrageous.”

Silas Kincaid, brother of Calvin Jude

Silas means “woods, forest” or “man of the forest” and honors my father who is an avid outdoorsman. Kincaid is the narrator of ‘The Brothers K’ by David James Duncan. It is both my husband’s and my favorite book.”

So do you have a favorite among these choices? Best first and middle combo?  Favorite sibset?