Modern Girl Names: Sleek and Rare

Modern Girl Names: Sleek and Rare

Modern girl names, simple and sleek yet rare and distinctive, provide a refreshing counterpoint to the elaborately feminine vintage names so popular for girls in recent years .

These lovely modern names for girls are standouts among the kree8tiv spellings and strange inventions that also rank among contemporary names.

Some of the girls’ names here do have deep history — Echo, Gaia, and Ione all have mythological roots, for instance —  but others are newly-minted. Think of them as classics of the future.

If you’re looking for a name for your baby girl that’s short, sweet, modern, and unique, consider these rare names for girls, all so unusual they’re below the US Top 1000 Baby Names.

  1. Aja

  2. Ara

  3. Aris

  4. Asa

  5. Bree

  6. Bryn

  7. Caia

  8. Cleo

  9. Coco

  10. Dara

  11. Dixie

  12. Drew

  13. Echo

  14. Gaia

  15. Greer

  16. Grey

  17. Iman

  18. Ina

  19. Ione

  20. Jude

  21. Juno

  22. Lacy

  23. Leni

  24. Love

  25. Lula

  26. Lux

  27. Marin

  28. Neve

  29. Pia

  30. Rey

  31. Romy

  32. Roxy

  33. Shay

  34. Shea

  35. Tia

  36. Una

  37. Vida

  38. Vivi

  39. Zen

  40. Zia

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Pamela Redmond

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