100+ New Nameberry Names for 2022

100+ New Nameberry Names for 2022

There are over 70,000 baby names already in the Nameberry database, but we're adding new ones all the time – many of them suggested by our very own Berry community.

The newest names on Nameberry range from intriguing international choices like Lumikki and Alemayehu, to mythological names like Odyssey and Kiwa, to fresh pop culture picks like Prim and Jaskier. They are drawn from a wide variety of origins, from Croatian to Egyptian and from Quenya to Yoruba.

Read on for 100 of the most intriguing new names added to Nameberry so far this year, along with a selection of comments from the Berries who suggested them!

New Nameberry Girl Names


“Currently it’s only listed as a male name, but young actress Kingston Foster shows that this name is just like Kingsley or Lexington.”

Kingston is already well established as a boy name, currently sitting just outside the Top 100 with over 3000 births last year. But this regal surname and place name is also given to a dozen or so baby girls in the US each year, and would make a particularly meaningful choice for families with Jamaican roots.

Thanks to @kidpix21 for suggesting Kingston.


“Luthien is a Sindarin name that means ‘daughter of flowers’. Her character is one half of the beautifully tragic love story of Beren and Luthien! She was inspired by Tolkien’s wife, Edith.”

Not all Tolkien names feel like they would wear well on human babies, but this one has a sleek, bright sound and a beautiful meaning to match. The story of Beren, a mortal man, and Lúthien, an elf maiden who gives up immortality to be with him, is an important leitmotif in Tolkien’s mythology – and in his life. The names Beren and Luthien were inscribed on the grave of the author and his wife, Edith.

Thanks to @fearlessfirefly and @regionlatbest for suggesting Lúthien.


“I just discovered Silene is the name of the main character on the famous Spanish TV show La casa de papel (Money Heist), so I was surprised to not find it in the Nameberry database!”

A genus of colorful flowering plants commonly known as campion or catchfly, Silene derives from Silenus, the name of a woodland deity who was the companion and tutor of the Greek wine god Dionysus.

Thanks to @eileithyia for suggesting Silene.


“The Story of Prince Achmed and the Fairy Paribanu is a fairy tale in the 1001 Nights. Paribanu is a fairy, who falls in love with, marries and repeatedly rescues the human Prince Achmed.”

Also spelled Paribanou, this beautiful Persian name is composed of two parts: pari “fairy” + banu “princess, noble lady” – giving it a meaning literally fit for a princess. The story is the subject of the earliest surviving animated feature length film, directed in German by Lotte Reiniger in 1926.

Thanks to @fairyanneliese for suggesting Paribanu.


“It’s a Finnish girl’s name meaning twin flower, so the Finnish counterpart to its Swedish sister, Linnea.”

With its strong initial V and quirky O ending, Vanamo feels decidedly less conventional to the English ear than Linnea, but equally appealing. Due to its floral meaning, it would make a perfect quirky choice for a summer-born baby girl or even for a twin.

Thanks to @Luminen for suggesting Vanamo.

More New Nameberry Girl Names

New Nameberry Boy Names


“Arwyn is a combination of the intensfier ar and gwyn, meaning ‘white, blessed’, making it Gwyn taken up to eleven.”

Used more for girls in the US as a creative spin on the literary Arwen, but in Welsh the -wyn suffix is traditionally male. Arwyn has a warm, sensitive charm and Wyn is a winning nickname.

Thanks to @KaiLun for suggesting Arwyn.


“In a world where Finnegan nicknamed Finn works, Gilligan should too. Finn and Gill. Adorable!"

Rhythmic Irish surnames like Finnegan and Sullivan are enjoying a moment right now, thanks to their great nickname potential and irresistibly jaunty sound. Gilligan feels like a natural candidate for addition to the roster.

Thanks to @Leorising for suggesting Gilligan.


“The association with Mae Jemison, the first Black woman to go to space, is a great one. Plus, it’s so similar to Jameson that it feels very approachable as a first name. And the nicknames are endless!”

A less common but equally legitimate spin on Jameson or Jamison, former NASA astronaut Mae Jemison gives this cool option real star power. A great way to honor an ancestral James, plus literature lovers could shorten to Jem for a sweet nod to the young hero of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Thanks to @EagleEyes for suggesting Jemison.


“This is the common spelling of the name Lucas in Poland. I’ve seen a lot of them and I think it’s pretty cool.”

Pronounced “WOO-kash” in its native Poland, this handsome international form of Lucas has long been a popular pick there: in the Top 100 since the turn of the century, although now past its peak. As Lukasz, it has also charted in Norway’s Top 100.

Thanks to @saracsticWaG for suggesting Łukasz.


“Notably the name of the titular character from a Danish folk song and poem dating back to the 1600s.”

Ramund’s etymology is up for debate. It may derive from the same roots as Raymond, to mean “wise protector”. Or, the first element may be Germanic hramn “raven”. Either way, a strong choice with a long history and literary pedigree.

Thanks to @Finn for suggesting Ramund.

More New Nameberry Boy Names

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