VOLF-ram (German); WOLF-rum (Eng.)
"wolf raven"

Wolfram Origin and Meaning

The name Wolfram is a boy's name meaning "wolf raven".

This powerful old name can actually be traced back to two distinct sources. As an Old German name, Wolfram (borne by the medieval poet Wolfram von Eschenbach) derives from a combination of wolf + hraben "raven".

As an English name and surname, it is actually a rare masculine matronymic, deriving from the Old English feminine name Wulfrun ("wolf secret").

Wolf, along with other wild animal names, like Fox and Bear, is really hotting up lately — Wolfram could be a great way to get there, while still giving him a formal option on the birth certificate.

Wolfram Popularity

Famous People Named Wolfram

  • Saint Wulfram (or Wolfram) of FontenelleArchbishop of Sens
  • Wolfram von EschenbachGerman poet
  • Wolfram Freiherr von RichthofenGerman WWII field marshal
  • Wolfram SamlowskiAmerican oncologist and researcher
  • Wolfram Waibel Jr.Austrian sport shooter
  • Wolfram SaengerGerman biochemist