"chaste maiden"

Parthenia Origin and Meaning

The name Parthenia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "chaste maiden".
Parthenia may be a bit unwieldy, but does conjure up majestic images of the Parthenon.
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Parthenia in Pop Culture

  • ~ Parthenia ("Parthy") Ann Hawksa character in Edna Ferber's novel "Show Boat" (1926)
  • ~ Comes from an epithet of the Greek goddess Athena; the Parthenonin Athens, was the temple of Athena Parthenos, i.e. Athena the maiden goddess
  • ~ Latinized form of Greek partheneia = "maidenhood"
  • ~ Greek parthenos = "a woman who chooses her own husband" (mistranslated "virgin")
  • ~ "Parthenia" (c.1611)Renaissance music collection
  • ~ First seems to have been used as a name in the Englishspeaking world in the 1870s

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