"increasing, growing"

Crescentia Origin and Meaning

Variation of Crescent

Famous People Named Crescentia

  • Saint Crescentia4th,century Italian martyr

Crescentia in Pop Culture

  • Pronounced "kraSEN,sha" or "kri,SHEN(t),see,a"
  • Means "increasingascending, thriving" in Latin (related word: crescendo)
  • Nicknames: CressaSenta, Zenzi
  • Crescentia was the eponymous heroine of a 12thcentury Old German chivalric romance, which appeared in various forms, in prose and verse, in the 13th and 14th centuries. The story cycle, known as the Crescentia cycle, also appears in French romances.
  • Crescentia "Cress"character in the "Ash Princess" by Laura Sebastian

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