Neon Origin and Meaning

The name Neon is boy's name meaning "New".
Bright and energetic, Neon seems like it would be a modern coinage, borrowed from neon lights.

Instead, Neon is found way back in Ancient Greece. The lights are named for neon gas, discovered in 1898 and named because it was new.

Neon was also as recently as the 1940s and 1950s, mostly for boys.

Today parents would probably opt for Neo or Nova, but Neon feels both vintage and space age - an interesting combination! This may be one of the boy names starting with N ripe for discovery.

Neon Popularity

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Famous People Named Neon

  • Neon HitchEnglish female pop singer

Neon in Pop Culture

  • Neon the Unknown aka Thomas Corbettsuperhero in Quality Comics
  • Neon aka Celeste McCauleysuperheroine in DC Comics