"fame, power"

Merrick Origin and Meaning

The name Merrick is boy's name meaning "fame, power".
A strong, attractive surname name with a mix of possible origins: either from the Welsh first name Meuric,which is a form of Maurice, and contains Germanic elements meaning fame and power, or from a Scottish Gaelic word meaning a fork in a river or a road, which led to the name of several places named Merrick in Scotland. The Supreme Court saga of Justice Merrick Garland almost certainly caused the bump in popularity that propelled Merrick to its US Top 1000 debut in 2016.

Despite its ancient history, Merrick these days sounds more modern than the somewhat tired Derek.

Merrick Popularity

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Famous People Named Merrick

  • Merrick Brian GarlandU.S. federal judge and Supreme Court nominee
  • Merrick Anthony JamesLewis, British footballer
  • Merrick ThomsonCanadian lacross player
  • Zack MerrickAmerican bass player in All Time Low
  • John MerrickAmerican professional golfer
  • Joseph MerrickEnglishman with deformities dubbed the "The Elephant Man"
  • Will MerrickEnglish actor
  • Merrick Hannarobot dancer from America's got talent

Merrick in Pop Culture

  • "Merrick" book by Anne Rice