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Mandela Origin and Meaning

The name Mandela is a boy's name of African origin.
An African family name ripe for adoption in honor of Nelson Mandela, the South African activist imprisoned for almost thirty years for his antiapartheid activities.

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Famous People Named Mandela

  • Mandela BarnesAmerican politician; 45th lieutenant governor of Wisconsin
  • Mandela Van Peebles (b. 1994)American actor; son of director Mario Van Peebles
  • Zion Mandela Samuelsson (b. 2014)son of celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson
  • Nelson Mandela1st President of South Africa, anti,apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist

Mandela in Pop Culture

  • The Mandela Effectan alternate,universe theory named after Nelson Mandela

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