"little one"

Chiquita Origin and Meaning

The name Chiquita is girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "little one".
As a term of endearment, maybe, but not as a proper name, where it would practically demand the refrain "Banana."

Lists containing Chiquita

Famous People Named Chiquita

  • Chiquita Renee "Kiki" ShepardAmerican TV host
  • Chiquita AndersonAmerican dancer of WCW's The Nitro Girls
  • Amelia "Chiquita" BarretoParaguayan novelist
  • Chiquitastage name of (Alize) Espiridiona Cenda, Cuban dwarf performer

Chiquita in Pop Culture

  • Chiquita Bananabanana brand
  • "Chiquita" novel by Antonio Orlando Rodríguez about the dwarf performer Chiquita