English variation of Letitia
"joy, gladness"

Lettice Origin and Meaning

The name Lettice is a girl's name of English origin meaning "joy, gladness".

Lettice is still occasionally heard in upper-class British families, but we fear it would cause too much salad-green teasing to be considered in the U.S. Calling your little Lettice Lettie could help make the name more user-friendly, or go all the way to the original Letitia.

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Lettice Popularity

Famous People Named Lettice

  • Lettice KnollysCountess of Essex and Leicester
  • Lettice Digby1st Baroness Offaly, Irish noblewoman
  • Lettice Boylewife of English Royalist soldier George Goring, Lord Goring
  • Lettice RowbothamEnglish violinist and contestant on "Britain's Got Talent"
  • Lettice CurtisEnglish aviator
  • Lettice CooperEnglish writer
  • Lettice Mary TredwayEnglish canoness and abbess
  • Liberty Lettice Lark RossEnglish model and actress
  • Lara Lettice Johnsondaughter of UK prime minister Boris Johnson

Lettice in Pop Culture

  • Lettice Douffetmain character in play "Lettice and Lovage" by Peter Shaffer