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Antonina Origin and Meaning

The name Antonina is girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "priceless".
Despite the popularity of Anthony and its masculine variants, female derivatives of its source – the Roman family name Antonius, of unknown meaning – have never caught on in the same way. Sister name Antonia peaked at #336 in the US way back in 1882, while Antonina itself has never ranked higher than #865 (in 1915). It has been outside of the Top 1000 ever since.

Antonina can be both a diminutive of Antonia or a given name in its own right, in which case it derives from the related Roman name Antoninus. It is used predominantly in the Slavic-speaking world, notably in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian. It is also used in Italy and in the Nordic countries, where it originated as a diminutive of Antonia.

With a strong and beautiful sound, and plenty of lovely nicknames (we recommend Anya or Nina), Antonina is a great choice for parents looking for an uncommon international name with presence.

Antonina Popularity

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Famous People Named Antonina

  • Antoninawife of Byzantine general Belisarius
  • Antonina De Angelisbeatified Italian nun
  • Antonina Houbraken18th,century Dutch draughtswoman (artist) known for her topographical drawings, landscapes, and portraits
  • Antonina Vladimirovna KrivoshapkaRussian sprinter
  • Antonina Miliukovawife of Russian composer Tchaikovsky
  • Antonina PirozhkovaRussian engineer
  • Antonina "Tonya" VasylchenkoUkrainian model
  • Antonina ŻabińskaPolish zookeeper's wife who hid hundreds of Jews from the Nazis
  • Antonina ShevchenkoKyrgyzstani,Peruvian mixed martial artist and sister of UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko

Antonina in Pop Culture

  • 'Antonina' (1850)a 5th,century romance by Wilkie Collins; title character is the daughter of Numarian, a Roman Christian