Spanish form of Andrew

Andres Origin and Meaning

The name Andres is boy's name of Estonian origin.
The Spanish form of Andrew is popular enough in the US to rank near the Top 200. Andres has a global feel that could travel well anywhere.
# 218 in the US

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Famous People Named Andres

  • Andres TitusAmerican rapper
  • Andres IniestaSpanish footballer
  • Andres Bello (1781–1865)Venezuelan,Chilean poet, philosopher and politician
  • Andres Bonifacio (1863–1897)Filipino nationalist and revolutionary
  • Andres Calamaro (born 1961)Argentine musician
  • Andres Cantor (born 1962)Argentine,American sportscaster
  • Andres Duany (born 1949)Cuban,American architect and urban planner
  • Andres Escobar (1967–1994)Colombian football player
  • Andres Galarraga (born 1961)Venezuelan baseball player
  • Andres Guardado (born 1986)Mexican football player
  • Andres Manuel López Obrador (born 1953)Mexican politician
  • Andres Oppenheimer (born 1951)Argentine,American journalist
  • Carlos Andres PérezVenezuelan president
  • Andres Rodríguez (politician) (1923–1997)Paraguayan general and president
  • Andres Segovia (1893–1987)Spanish classical guitarist
  • Andres Thomas (born 1963)Dominican Republic baseball player
  • Andres Alver (born 1953)Estonian architect
  • Andres Gerber (born 1973)Swiss football player
  • Andres Herkel (born 1962)Estonian politician
  • Andres Küng (1945–2002)Estonian,Swedish journalist, writer, entrepreneur and politician
  • Andres Larka (1879–1943)Estonian military commander and politician
  • Andres Lavik (1852–1941)Norwegian farmer and politician
  • Andres LevinVenezuelan,American musician, producer and filmmaker
  • Andres Lipstok (born 1957)Estonian economist and politician
  • Andres Nuiamäe (1982–2004)Estonian soldier
  • Andres Olvik (born 1986)Estonian swimmer
  • Andres Oper (born 1977)Estonian football player
  • Andres Serrano (born 1950)American photographer
  • Andres Siim (born 1962)Estonian architect
  • Andres Sõber (born 1956)Estonian basketball player and coach
  • Andres Tarand (born 1940)Estonian politician and geographer
  • Andres Veiel (born 1959)German film director and screenwriter
  • Andres Võsand (born 1966)Estonian tennis player
  • Carlos Andres Betancurson of road racing cyclist Carlos Betancur