Variation of Jacinta

Jacinda Origin and Meaning

The name Jacinda is a girl's name of Spanish, Portuguese origin meaning "hyacinth".

Jacinda, a form of the lovely and unusual Spanish and Portuguese flower name Jacinta (for Hyacinth), was first popularized by the Australian actress Jacinda Barrett. Today, the girls' name Jacinda is most notable as the name of New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, one of the first world leaders to give birth in office, widely credited with her strong and compassionate leadership during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jacinda Popularity

Famous People Named Jacinda

  • Jacinda BarrettAustralian actress
  • Jacinda ArdernPrime Minister of New Zealand
  • Jacinda BarclayAustralian baseball and football player
  • Jacinda Baldwindaughter of Led Zeppelin rocker John Paul Jones

Jacinda in Pop Culture

  • Jacindacurse,ego of AU Cinderella in the hit TV show, "Once Upon a Time"