Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian combination of Ana and Maria
"grace + drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved"

Anamaria Origin and Meaning

The name Anamaria is a girl's name meaning "grace + drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved".

Variant of Annemarie

Famous People Named Anamaria

  • Anamaria MarincaRomanian actress
  • Anamaria VartolomeiRomanian actress
  • Anamaria OcolișanRomanian gymnast
  • Anamaria IonițăRomanian athlete
  • Anamaria NesteriucRomanian hurdler
  • Anamaria TămârjanRomanian gymnast
  • Ana Maria BrânzăRomanian fencer
  • Ana Maria Rosa Martins GomesPortuguese MEP
  • Ana María MatuteSpanish novelist
  • Ana María ShuaArgentine novelist
  • Ana María OrozcoColombian actress
  • Ana María Romero de CamperoBolivian journalist and activist
  • Ana María RagaVenezuelan musician
  • Ana María CettoMexican physicist
  • (Rocío) Ana Maria CansecoMexican TV personality

Anamaria in Pop Culture

  • Anamariapirate character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies