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Gender: F Pronunciation: ZAN-dra Meaning of Xandra: "man's defender" Origin of Xandra: Spanish, diminutive of Alexandra

Like most X names, pronunciation would surely be a problem for other kids, at least until they're able to say and spell xylophone.

Famous People Named Xandra

Xandra, stage name of Barbara Alexandra "Sandra" Reemer, Indo-Dutch singer
Alexandra "Xandra" Rocha, Filipina TV personality
Xandra Ibarra, American performance artist
Xandra Barbara Desirée Emy Margrit von Sachsen (b. 1990), great-granddaughter of Grand Duke William IV of Luxembourg

Pop Culture References for the name Xandra

Xandra, character in Filipino series "Komiks Presents: Varga"
Xandra, character in Doom 2099 comics
Spanish: Protector