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Gender: M Meaning of Wendell: "to travel, to proceed" Origin of Wendell: German

This name has hardly been used since Wendell Willkie ran for president in 1940, and doesn't feel anywhere near ready for a revival.

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Famous People Named Wendell

Wendell Lewis Willkie, American politician
Wendell Richard "Wendy" Anderson, U.S. Senator and 33rd governor of Minnesota
Wendell Berry, American novelist and poet
Wendell Bryant, American football player
Wendell Burton, American actor
Wendell Hampton Ford, U.S. Senator from Kentucky
Wendell Johnson, American psychologist and author
Wendell Lawrence, Bahamian triple jumper
Wendell H. Murphy, American politician from North Carolina
Wendell Phillips, American abolitionist and activist
Wendell Jermaine Sailor, Australian rugby player
Wendell Meredith Stanley, American biochemist
Wendell Alexis, American basketball player
Wendell Tyrone Davis, American NFL football player
Wendell Marshall, American jazz bassist
Wendell Goler, American TV journalist

Pop Culture References for the name Wendell

Prince Wendell Winston Walter White, grandson of Snow White, character in miniseries "The 10th Kingdom"
Wendell Bray, intern on TV's "Bones"
Wendell Bassett, main character on TV's "Wendell and Vinnie"
Wendell, anthropologist in Streets of Night (1923) by John Dos Passos
Wendell, chef mascot for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
Wendell, character on TV's "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything"