Diminutive of William, German
"resolute protection"

Willis Origin and Meaning

The name Willis is a boy's name meaning "resolute protection".

A common surname often used as a first among the Amish.

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Willis Popularity

Famous People Named Willis

  • Willis Haviland CarrierAmerican inventor of air conditioning
  • Willis Eugene Lamb Jr.American physicist and Nobel prize winner
  • Willis Andrew McGahee IIIAmerican NFL football player
  • Willis Reed Jr.American basketball player
  • Willis Linn JepsonAmerican botanist
  • Willis "Gator" JacksonAmerican jazz saxophonist
  • Willis BoucheyAmerican character actor
  • Bruce WillisAmerican actor

Willis in Pop Culture

  • Willis Drummandcharacter on TV's "Diff'rent Strokes" ("Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?")
  • Dr. Ethan Willischaracter from TV's "Code Black," played by Rob Lowe