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Gender: F Meaning of Violeta: "purple" Origin of Violeta: Spanish and Eastern European variation of Violet, a color name and flower name

Violeta is the variation of Violet found throughout Eastern Europe -- the name is styled this way in Bulgarian and Roumanian as well as other languages -- and Spain, while Violetta is the Italian form. Violeta was give to over 200 girls in the US last year and is in vaulting distance of the Top 1000, which it reached in 1985 and 2010. The Violetta spelling is given to about half as many baby girls. A lovely choice for parents who love Violet but want something more unusual.

Famous People Named Violeta

Violeta Barrios Torres de Chamorro, President of Nicaragua
Violeta del Carmen Parra, Chilean composer
Violeta Urmana, Lithuanian operatic soprano
Violeta Autumn, American architect
Violeta Michelle Ayala, Bolivian filmmaker
Violeta Dinescu, Romanian composer
Violeta "Viki" Miljkovic, Serbian turbo-folk singer
Violeta Valenzuela Mujica (b. 2010), daughter of actors/models Aylin Mujica & Gabriel Valenzuela

Pop Culture References for the name Violeta

Teta Violeta, cartoon in the Balkans endorsing Violeta-brand paper