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Gender: M Meaning of Urban: "of the city" Origin of Urban: Latin

Urban was not an uncommon name through the 1930s (rising as high as Number 435), having been attached to several saints and early popes, but it has completely disappeared from the landscape--both urban and rural. Yet in this era of word name appreciation and trend for 'an'-ending boys' names, we're thinking it might be ready for a return.

In the New Testament, Urban is an active member of the Christian church in Rome.

Urbano is the commonly heard Italian version, and the French Urbain was used by Henry James for an--yes--urbane character in The American.

These days, the name is associated with musician Keith Urban.

Famous People Named Urban

Urban I-VIII, popes
Urban målare, 16th-century Swedish painter
Urban Meyer, American college football coach
Karl Urban, Kiwi actor
Keith Urban, Australian country music singer

Pop Culture References for the name Urban


Urban's International Variations

Urvan (Russian) Urek, Urba, Ura, Urbek (Czech) Urbanus (German) Urbano (Portuguese) Urbain, Urbaine (French) Orban (Hungarian)