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Gender: F Meaning of Tully: "flood, peaceful, or hill" Origin of Tully: Irish

Tully is one Irish surname waiting to be adapted as a first. Cute and lively, it's got a long history and a range of possible meanings, depending on which root you use. Tully can also be a modernizing short form for the ancient Roman name Tullia.

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Famous People Named Tully

Tully Smyth, contestant on Big Brother Australia 2013
Elinor Tully Couric, daughter of Katie Couric

Pop Culture References for the name Tully

Tully, a surname used in "A Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R.R. Martin
Catelyn Tully Stark, member of the aforementioned Tully family
Lysa Tully Arryn, her sister
Roslin Frey Tully, another member of the family
Minisa Whent Tully, another member of the family