Merrill Origin and Meaning

The name Merrill is a girl's name of English origin meaning "sea-bright".

Merrill, once fairly common for males, is rarely used for girls (or boys either, for that matter) with this spelling. Chef Emeril Lagasse dropped the initial E from his name and called his daughter Meril.

Famous People Named Merrill

  • Merrill AshleyAmerican ballerina
  • Merrill MarkoeAmerican TV comedy writer
  • Merrill Beth Nisker aka PeachesCanadian electronic musician

Merrill in Pop Culture

  • Merrill LynchAmerican wealth management firm
  • Merrillcompanion in the video game "Dragon Age II."
  • Merrillfirst princess in "The Extraordinary Princess" by Carolyn Q. Ebbitt