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Gender: F Meaning of Tula: "to be tranquil" Origin of Tula: Choctaw

Tula is a polyethnic name which, spelled Toula, was used for the heroine of the hit film My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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Famous People Named Tula

Caroline "Tula" Cossey, English model
Gertrude "Tula" Prokosch Kurath, Native American dancer
Tula Rodriguez, Peruvian dancer/actress
Tula Small, Australian reality TV personality ("The Recruits")
Tula "Tulisa" Paulinea Contostavlos, British singer

Pop Culture References for the name Tula

Tula, a character on animated series "Pirates of Dark Water"

Tulya, Toula, Toulya, Toola, Tuliana, Toolya, Toolia

Tula's International Variations

Tulla, Tullia (Irish)