Edina Origin and Meaning

The name Edina is a girl's name of English, Hungarian origin meaning "wealthy".

Edina is an infectious-sounding Minnesota place-name, featured in the British cult hit TV show "Absolutely Fabulous." Edina is also a poetic name for Edinburgh and is a common name in contemporary Hungary. Though some sources list its origins as Hungarian, more peg it as a variation of Edwina, the feminine form of Edwin, an English name.

Famous People Named Edina

  • Edina Altara (18981983), Italian illustrator & fashion designer
  • Edina BaloghHungarian actress, model & Beauty Queen
  • Edina FustiHungarian race walker (2004 & 2008 Olympics)
  • Edina GallovitsHall, Hungarian,Romanian tennis player
  • Edina GanglHungarian water polo goalkeeper (2012 Olympics)
  • Edina KnapekHungarian fencer (2000 & 2008 Olympics)
  • Edina LekovicDirector at the Muslim Public Affairs Council
  • Edina MullerGerman wheelchair basketball player ('08, 12 Olympics)
  • Edina Popex,member of Dschinghis Khan, former German pop group
  • Edina RonayAnglo,Hungarian fashion designer

Edina in Pop Culture

  • EdinaLiberia, town settled in 1832
  • EdinaMinnesota, suburb of Minneapolis (pop. 49, 000)
  • EdinaMissouri, small town of 1, 100 people
  • Edina Monsoon'Absolutely Fabulous' character